Deidre Oosthuysen


Introducing Deidre Oosthuysen, the heart and soul of MetaMuse, and our beloved Managing Director. With a nurturing nature that ignites the creative spark in every team member, Deidre stands as a guiding light, leading us fearlessly into uncharted territories. As the founder of Idea Trigger for Altron Group, her visionary spirit and strategic brilliance have laid the foundation for innovation and transformative marketing solutions.

Deidre’s leadership style is an embodiment of empowerment and growth. She skillfully manages teams, unlocking their full potential and bringing out their best qualities. Her passion for upskilling and mentoring individuals has created a collaborative community where diverse talents come together in harmony. With her unwavering belief in starting before being READY, Deidre encourages us to embrace change and transcend limitations, daring us to believe that everything is possible – that “I’m possible.”

Her approach is anchored in integrity, creating a purpose-driven culture that drives us to make a positive impact in the world. Loved by many, Deidre’s contagious enthusiasm inspires us to push boundaries and embrace innovation without hesitation. Joining the MetaMuse family means joining a team that is fearlessly led by a trailblazer who believes in the boundless potential of each individual. Together, under Deidre’s visionary guidance, we are rewriting the rules of marketing and shaping a world of limitless possibilities.


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