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At MetaMuse, we go beyond the ordinary to deliver extraordinary results for our clients.

As an independent agency, we respond, collaborate, and deliver like a big agency, but without the hefty price tag. Our approach is centered around understanding your vision, purpose, brand identity, market, customers, competitors, and budget. With this deep understanding, we swiftly transform ideas into powerful solutions that propel your brand to the next level in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.


Creative and Art Direction

Innovate with scalability.

Our design application is rooted in best practices, research, and development, resulting in a creative, customisable, and fool-proof design system. Through strategic art direction, we unlock new possibilities and offer scalable solutions that leave a lasting impact. 

To stay agile and cost-effective in your marketing, our signature PlayBooks provide a tool kit engineered to give your brand a competitive edge. Leveraging the PlayBook methodology and creative technology solutions, we ensure design readiness meets opportunity.



Integrated Marketing

Unifying your brand identity.

With an integrated approach to marketing, we align your efforts to create a comprehensive and consistent brand identity and strategy. By leveraging multiple marketing channels and tactics in a coordinated manner, we increase brand awareness, customer engagement, and conversion rates.


Always On
Digital Marketing

Engaging and personalised

Our Always On Marketing approach continuously delivers personalised, relevant, and timely messages to your target audience through social media platforms. By establishing yourself as a trusted and authoritative source, you’ll experience increased customer loyalty and higher conversion rates.

Social media platforms are used to continuously deliver personalised, relevant, and timely marketing messages to a specific target audience.


Spatial Marketing

Moulding perceptions.

With Spatial Marketing, we integrate the human experience into physical spaces. Combining sustainable and ergonomic practices with sensory stimulation, we create spaces that speak a memorable story, shaping your clients’ perception of your brand.


Event Planning and Management

Inspiring experiences.

Bringing your brand’s digital universe to life, our events and spatial marketing allow your consumers to explore and interact with your brand’s identity in person. We create immersive worlds that revolve around compelling storytelling, leaving a lasting impression.

Websites provide businesses with complete control over their online presence, lend credibility and trust, offer more functionality and flexibility, and provide access to valuable data and analytics especially if used as a key data point in the 360 integrated marketing model.


Technology and Development

Power your online presence.

MetaMuse prioritises user-centric UX/UI design, crafting intuitive interfaces that engage and satisfy users. Our rapid prototyping process gains valuable insights early on, refining the experience iteratively. Consistency is key with unified style sheets for easy maintenance and scalability, complemented by a mobile-first approach for seamless responsiveness. Count on visually stunning, cohesive experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Our web development services provide complete control over your online presence, lending credibility, functionality, and valuable data and analytics. By tracking user behaviour and engagement, we gain insights that inform and optimiSe your marketing strategy.


Messaging Bots

Engaging and convenient.

Meet your audience where they are with messaging bots. Whether it’s WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger, our bots offer engaging and convenient interactions, enhancing customer experiences and affordability.


NFC & Digital Business Cards

Effortless networking.

Experience the power of seamless connectivity with our NFC cards integrated with a business card platform. Effortlessly exchange digital content, such as portfolios, videos, brochures, and social media profiles, with just a tap, revolutionising networking.

At MetaMuse, our commitment to fostering innovation and investing in people drives us to create comprehensive and transcending experiences for our clients. Together, let’s propel your brand to new heights in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.


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At MetaMuse, we value growth, creativity, and impact. Together, we’ll shape a remarkable journey that inspires and empowers your brand to thrive

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