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Creative services

Unlock the power of creative marketing.

Elevate your event’s appeal and impact with iTickets’ innovative creative services. Our dedicated team specialiSes in crafting captivating design concepts, tailored both for online and print materials. From eye-catching social media posts to engaging promotional videos, we breathe life into your event’s branding and marketing. With our creative expertise, we ensure your event stands out in the digital realm and beyond. Let us amplify your event’s allure and help you leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Digital marketing

Maximise your event's potential.

Unlock your event’s full potential with digital marketing’s transformative power. Broaden your event’s reach by increasing its digital presence and resonating with a wider audience through tailored strategies. Keep your finger on the pulse with real-time analytics, allowing you to refine your event’s impact promptly. Efficiently allocate your resources with targeted digital campaigns and data-backed insights to ensure your event stands out. Experience strategic growth, drive higher attendance, and boost your event’s influence using the art of digital marketing.


Website advertising

Enhance event visibility with prime spotlight advertising.

iTickets receives 350,000+ unique visitors with 1.3 million page views. The average person spends approximately 3.5 minutes on our site viewing an average of 5 pages per visit. Gain instant exposure for your event by placing a prominent spotlight ad at the top centre of the iTickets.co.za homepage and on every event page.


Targeted emails

Tailored email marketing.

At iTickets, we boast an extensive national database of more than 800,000 active event-goers who have willingly subscribed to our email updates. These subscribers can be precisely targeted based on event postal codes and various demographics, ensuring your event reaches those most inclined to attend. Our database is also segmented by province, city, and suburb, allowing you to fine-tune your outreach strategy


events listings

Maximise your event's visibility.

When you choose iTickets as your ticketing partner, your event automatically gains visibility in our online Featured Events listing. This strategically targeted feature ensures your event reaches potential attendees in close proximity. As the date of your event approaches, it will ascend the ranks, making it front and center on the iTickets homepage under Featured Events. Don’t miss the chance to captivate your local audience.


Ticket alert emails

Amplify your event's reach.

When you partner with iTickets Box Office to sell tickets for your event, you automatically unlock a valuable feature: FREE iTickets Ticket Alert emails. These targeted emails reach opt-in subscribers in the vicinity of your event, ensuring you capture the local audience. But that’s not all, we also offer special discounts for broader email sends and spotlight banner ads to boost your event’s exposure. Get ready to expand your event’s horizons.


Premium page layout & branded order pages

Elevate your event's online presence.

When your event partners with iTickets Box Office for ticket sales, you unlock an array of exclusive benefits. This includes a FREE premium page layout and the option to create Branded Order Pages on iTickets.co.za, ensuring your event stands out. But that’s not all – ticketed events also enjoy discounted rates for Email Sends and Spotlight Ads, giving your event the visibility it deserves. Get ready to elevate your event’s online presence.


Embedded event listings

JSON & XML embedded code.

iTickets.co.za can maintain your event listings for your web site, by providing you a direct event feed. You can choose to display only your events, events by artist, state or zip code range. Make the buy link buttons match your site by selecting their color. Simply use the Embeddable Event Listing tool at https://tools.itickets.com/ to generate the embed code you desire. To add events send them to us as they will not only be included in your event feed, but will show up on iTickets.co.za as well.

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iTickets is the ultimate event partner for organisers. With top-notch services, user-friendly technology, and creative marketing support, we enhance events, expand brand recognition, and connect with target audiences. Harnessing data-driven insights, we ensure your event’s every aspect is a triumph. From seamless online ticket sales to engaging concepts, we provide the tools you need for event success.


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With iTickets, your event planning journey starts here, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Elevate your event experience, and let iTickets redefine how you plan and execute extraordinary events.




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