Operational and
Customer Support

iTickets makes online purchasing quick and simple


Customer call centre

Personalised customer support.

In a digital world, human connection remains invaluable. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with computers, which is why our dedicated in-house representatives are here to assist ticket purchasers. From placing orders to answering questions and aiding in ticket printing, our team ensures a seamless ticketing experience. Your focus can remain on event promotion while we take care of customer support, ensuring that every attendee has the assistance they need for a memorable event.


Helpful reminders

Thoughtful event updates.

In the flurry of event preparations, friendly reminders and swift updates are a must. We take care of it all. iTickets proactively sends ticket purchasers email reminders about arrival times, ticket printing, and important event details. In addition to these thoughtful reminders, we stay on the ball. As soon as we receive a notification about a significant event change, such as a time adjustment, or venue change, we’ll promptly inform your customers. Your attendees stay in the loop, and you can focus on delivering a memorable event experience.


Quick turnaround

Exceptional customer support.

We pride ourselves on having the shortest wait times in the industry. Even during high-demand on-sales, your customers won’t be left waiting. Our team is rigorously trained to provide swift and precise assistance, always ensuring a positive experience. No matter what your customers require, our dedicated representatives are ready to assist. Your attendees receive the support they deserve, right when they need it.


Cashless services

Experience the future of cashless services.

iTickets brings you a suite of cashless service features that redefine event management. Gain instant access to real-time sales reports, ensuring you’re always in control.

Enhance security with a remarkable 96% reduction in fraudulent transactions, eliminating stock loss or theft concerns.

Say goodbye to long queues with a more than 75% reduction, ensuring faster and more convenient payments.

Embrace safety and hygiene at your events with our cashless solutions.


Streamlined admissions

Reduce wait times and ensure efficient event admissions.

Our experienced account managers will help you choose the best fit for your needs, whether it’s our free iOS app for rapid scanning, utilising your existing scanners with our compatible software, or leasing various scanner options from iTickets.

Our iOS Scanner app offers key features like live attendance tracking, one-touch check-in, and offline recovery, ensuring quick and easy admissions. 

You can also save costs by using your own scanners or enquire about recommended scanner options. 

iTickets provides leasing choices for iPhones, weather-resistant outdoor scanners and wireless indoor scanners.

Utilise iTickets’ barcodes and QR codes to validate tickets or integrate external codes for venues with their own barcode systems.



Enhancing the ticketing process at events.

iTickets’ scanning service offers a comprehensive solution to enhance the ticketing process at your event. The number of recommended scanners depends on various factors, including venue capacity and the quantity of pre-sold tickets. 

Generally, a minimum of two staff members should be present for events with a venue capacity ranging from 500 to 1,000 patrons. While our scanning app is currently accessible on iOS platforms, we are actively working on an Android version. Setting up the scanning app for your event can be arranged by contacting your account manager or the iTickets operations manager. 

Please note that hiring scanning devices without iTickets staff is not an option; you’ll require on-site supervision. For assistance with lost or undelivered tickets, customers can reach out to the iTickets support centre during office hours. 

iTickets personnel can also provide support on the event day, utilising order details for assistance. Customers have the flexibility to present their tickets digitally on a mobile device or print them on regular printing paper after purchase.

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iTickets is the ultimate event partner for organisers. With top-notch services, user-friendly technology, and creative marketing support, we enhance events, expand brand recognition, and connect with target audiences. Harnessing data-driven insights, we ensure your event’s every aspect is a triumph. From seamless online ticket sales to engaging concepts, we provide the tools you need for event success.


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