Digital presence and seamless integration

Catalysing your marketing and commercial endeavours

MetaMuse provides all-encompassing web development services that breathe life into your objectives. From tailor-made website conceptualisation and development to seamless integration with eCommerce frameworks and content management systems, we ensure that your online presence not only captivates but also aligns with your marketing and commercial goals for optimal success.

At MetaMuse, we uphold the belief that an online presence transcends mere visibility—it serves as a catalyst for commerce.

At MetaMuse, we believe that an online presence is about more than just visibility—it’s about driving commerce. Our application and web development services blend exceptional UX and UI design with powerful eCommerce capabilities. We build robust online shopping portals that integrate seamlessly with ERP and CRM systems through an orchestration layer, streamlining your operations and enhancing the customer experience. Whether it’s a dynamic website or a comprehensive eCommerce platform, we ensure your online presence is optimised for both engagement and efficiency.


MetaMuse excels in WordPress development, focusing on user-centric design. Our iterative process ensures refined user experiences, supported by unified style sheets for easy maintenance. With a mobile-first approach, our sites offer seamless responsiveness and visually striking designs. Gain control over your online presence with our services, leveraging data for optimized marketing strategies.


MetaMuse specialises in eCommerce solutions using WooCommerce and Shopify, creating seamless online shopping experiences. Our platforms are designed to enhance customer engagement and streamline transactions. With WooCommerce and Shopify integration, we ensure user-friendly interfaces and secure payment gateways. Elevate your online retail presence with our tailored eCommerce solutions for optimal customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


MetaMuse delivers tailored Product Information Management (PIM) solutions to digitise commerce operations. Our focus is on merging technological expertise and design creativity to provide leading market solutions. We aim to enhance customer experiences across all channels, driving conversions and ensuring superior online engagement. Our integration services facilitate seamless connections between backend systems like SAP and Sage with eCommerce platforms, optimising operational efficiency and user experiences.

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