Aligning digital and physical brand identity

Innovate and simplify with marketing technology

MetaMuse harnesses the power of advanced marketing technology to streamline and enhance your marketing efforts. From automated WhatsApp bots and NFC-enabled business cards to sophisticated apps, our tech solutions simplify complex processes and create seamless interactions. We provide the tools you need to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in your marketing strategy.

Crafting bespoke solutions that transform events into unforgettable brand experiences

MetaMuse offers an holistic approach encompassing event planning and management, exhibitions, corporate collateral and gifts, and spatial marketing. Our 360-degree strategy ensures alignment between the digital and physical universes, creating a seamless connection between online presence and real-world experiences. We bridge the gap between virtual and physical spaces, delivering cohesive brand experiences that resonate with audiences across all touch points.


We meticulously plan and execute successful events, working closely with clients to meet their needs within budget. From venue selection to supplier coordination and event logistics, we ensure smooth operations for events of all sizes. Services include concept development, budget management, supplier coordination, guest management, and event branding for a seamless and memorable experience.


From designing and creating exhibition stand layouts that captivate audiences to managing logistics and operations seamlessly, every detail is meticulously planned. Services encompass stand design and construction, logistics coordination, on-site operations management, promotional material creation, staffing, visitor engagement strategies, lead generation, post-event follow-up, and performance analysis.


From design to delivery, we handle corporate gifts and collateral with a touch of creativity. Our services include personalised gifting solutions and branded collateral management. For added convenience, we offer a user-friendly portal for authorized purchases, ensuring seamless branding application and efficient delivery without stockholding. This streamlined approach simplifies reporting and cost allocation, enhancing the gifting experience and brand consistency.

Our world is filled with endless opportunities!

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